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The company T.S.L. (Trading Services London) was formed in 1981 and initially was mainly trading as a broker/agent in vegetable oils and oilseeds in Europe, China, Hong Kong, West Africa and Mediterranean countries.

During the last 25 years, we have substantially expanded our business in palm oil, palm products and lauric oils from the Far East and we are now one of the major palm oil brokers in Europe, now with our own office in Malaysia and associated companies in the UK and USA.

We are currently also developing our soft oil business to cater for the mixed needs of many of our clients.

Our customer base ranges from plantations and refineries at origin, dealers and shippers both in the Far East and Europe through to end consumers at destinations.

The products that we are handling are sold into the human edible food chain, animal feed, soap and detergent, bio diesel and bio energy sectors.

For specifications of some of the products we are handling click HERE and for palm oil uses, click HERE. If you require any other details, please contact us.